Modern Auction Experts

Modern Auction Experts

Times have changed and so has the Auction!

It's often the preferred route to selling quickly, with no estate agency fees and the peace of mind of a secure, easier process. There are circumstances in life where the security of a quick sale or a fixed timescale for Completion is required. Our modern method of auction offers a fresh new approach to the auction process by welcoming the more traditional types of buyer, rather than just cash investors. All offers up to the close of auction will be completely visible and transparency is assured. With up to 56 days to Exchange and Completion after the winning bid has met or exceeded a reserve (as in many cases), the buyer will secure their commitment with a reservation fee *1. The buyer and seller will now be committed into an agreement making the process secure, quick and free from renegotiation or gazumping and is a service not just limited to cash buyers. Buyers can learn more by contacting our dedicated Auction website through our Intelligent Auction Management partners.

Let us take care of your Unique Property Sale

Selling through our Modern Property Auction could be compared to selling a piece of fine art or a classic car - with some modern differences. No longer are modern property auctions totally associated with just distressed sales or dilapidated buildings with just cash investors. In this process the auction is tailored to the individual property, together with the sellers requirements on time frame. The great news is the seller has Zero (0%)*2 fee to pay. However, a sellers pack will be required in advance of the auction and is available with ‘No sale, No cost’ options through our specialist auction service ‘in house’ lawyers. Sellers packs can also be arranged through your own legal representatives, at your own cost. Premium marketing packages are further available with optional marketing choices to assist in achieving the best price on your behalf, arranged through Zoe Napier Group. Furthermore, sellers will benefit from the Zoe Napier Group’s extensive marketing from their Essex and London offices and will further be provided with a dedicated auction specialist to ensure the best possible results with regular updates and feedback.

Should you be thinking of selling and are unsure whether our Modern Property Auction Service is for you, let us come and provide you with a market appraisal and have a chat about which service (whether traditional private treaty, informal tender or Modern Property Auction) best suits your circumstances. Please Contact Us.

What types of sales might suit the secure modern property auction method?

  • Probate sales where transparency to all bids are fair and visible to executors/beneficiaries
  • Stale properties which may have been on the open market for a long time and haven’t sold
  • Need to move within a specific time frame – perhaps for job relocation or the seller is emigrating
  • Speed and certainty of a sale to meet any associated deadlines of a committed purchase
  • Landlord portfolios including properties with tenants still in-situ
  • Power of Attorney sales where the owner may need to be taken into care and transparency required in the price achieved
  • Matrimonial sales to ensure the best price is achieved in a timely manner
  • Refurbishment Projects and those with any structural defects
  • Amenity Land Sales to create competition in achieving best price
  • Development Sites to conclude a sale at best price
  • Commercial Sales with or without tenants

Or perhaps you would simply just like to try this fuss free, secure process with 0% Fee*2!

Full details of the auction process can be found on our dedicated Auction website.

*1 reservation fees are in addition to the winning bid – our auction specialist will help buyers through understanding the process
*2 excludes sellers pack, energy performance certificate and premium marketing packages